Redevelop Your Building admin 06/01/2023
Mohammedi Manzil
MM redeveloped by Jem Group Mumbai with Mohammedi Manzil (MM) is a serene addition to Saifee Park Marol, which features one and two-bedroom townhouses.It is an exclusive nine-story building with panoramic views of Saifee Masjid and Al Jamea tus Saifiyah.
Plot No 33, Saifee Park, Marol, Andheri (E)
With Redevelopment Buildings in Mumbai
In this fast paced city environment, one often finds peace and leisure in the comfort of one’s home. We recognise this sentiment and therefore strive to redefine living and lifestyle through our premium and luxury projects. To achieve this goal, we focus on redevelopment projects to help you upgrade to a premium lifestyle with modern amenities, better security features, parking facilities, top-notch construction quality, and more while ensuring you continue to live in the neighbourhood that you have always called home.
We are recognised in the industry as a leading redevelopment builder in Mumbai. Our specialised teams work extensively on every residential project with thoughtful planning, legal adherence, and efficient processes. This has helped us to carve a distinct identity for every project in our portfolio and strengthen customer satisfaction with continued innovation in business practices. Our focus is to make your home a successful creation with timely delivery and high-quality construction grade.
Our only motivation is the happiness you experience with the first step you take in your dream home built by the Jem Group. We ensure that this trust and satisfaction is unwavering & consistent through our long-term vision and values firmly delivered through the ‘3 Golden Promises’.
Always Deliver On Time
One of the pillars of our values is On-Time Delivery. We, as a responsible redevelopment builder in Mumbai, understand the importance of time for a homeowner, their commitment and planning towards their future. Hence, since our inception, we strive to deliver all the Jem Group projects on time, some are even delivered before time. We achieve this consistency through a well-planned construction process, meticulous time management and efficient planning for our on-time delivery promise.
No Compromise To Achieve The
Highest Construction Quality
At Jem Group, every brick is more than just a material, it is the foundation of your dream home and each of our projects are carefully designed and constructed to fulfil this promise. Our choice of materials like Polyalk CP 293 to prevent corrosion, using higher than standard concrete mix design and damp proof external coating are but a few testaments of our no-compromise on quality principle. We partner with the best construction experts in the industry to build homes that are of the utmost quality and comfort for you & your family.
Strict Compliance To Approval Processes, Laws & Regulations
Constructing homes with diligent compliance is part of our core philosophy. We ensure clear titles, transparency and adherence to legal processes for each of our projects to make your journey to a beautiful home absolutely seamless.
The redevelopment process of your society is easy, feasible and the smartest property decision both from financial and future feasibility standpoint. At Jem Group, a preferred redevelopment builder in Mumbai, our effort is to streamline and ease the redevelopment process for you. Here is our quick guide for your society’s redevelopment process:
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